A cruise on a year or more still need a thorough and rigorous preparation. If we give you a few tips for preparing small to avoid hassles and it is the best for your cruise.

On the administrative side 

- Gather bank accounts in one bank offering remote management via the Internet. A credit card per person with renewal dates dictinctes.

-For social security outside the European Union, only emergency care are reimbursed (French standard rate). The European health insurance card often provides to advance medical expenses dan the European Economic Area.
-The international driving license is free, valid for two years and is essential for driving abroad.
-A person must have resource for managing all administrative contingencies.
Redirect-mail from someone you trust.
-Having his vaccinations up to date and do a very good dental checkup before departure.

In terms of formalities 

- Appreciate the privilege at fair value: be a citizen of the European Union can do without visa in most countries. Tourist maps of varying duration are issued to enter the territory. The main exception to the U.S. (to obtain a visa in France before departure, valid for 10 years). Rudimentary English, Spanish, copy number your documents, patience and good presentation recommended. (including Brazil)

For the budget 

- Between 1000 and 1200 euros monthly per couple: diesel (2%), water and individual mutual insurance (9%), taxes (11%), transportation (15%), boat maintenance (23%), food and miscellaneous (restaurant, car rental, formalities) (40%), provide reserves for possible return by plane, engine failure …

For boat equipment

Ankore: 70m minimum chain
Dodger and bimini
Wind turbine and solar panel
Radar, sea-watch, beacon, SSB reception and weather fax
Can house survival and jerry cans of water ready to be dropped
A raft of offshore survival and revised.

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