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A familly' story

Charles-Henri Wauquiez - Philippe Wauquiez

Wauquiez is a non profit organisation established by Charles Henri Wauquiez, son of Henri, Wauquiez Boatyards founder, and by his uncle Philippe Wauquiez, Henri’s brother.

VERDOSO steps down

Owners of the the Wauquiez boatyards for 10 years, the Bénéteau group sells its shares to Verdoso Industrie in June 2008.

Verdoso, who specialises in acquisition of industrial companies in need of turnaround, quickly realised that the Wauquiez Boatyards were quite different from all of their other companies, belonging more to the field of luxury craft than industry.

But the Verdoso takeover of Wauqiez boatyards unfortunately took place at the beginning of the economic crisis, and despite starting off very well, the company’s reorganisation suffered from adverse market conditions.  Indeed, it is well known that demand for luxury boat had slowed down in the past two years.

In those conditions, Verdoso and Hugues Thiébault the previous CEO had to manage the company with due regard to economy and efficiency, whilst improving existing models quality and giving back their confidence to employees.

The order book and works in progress gave reasons to believe that if recovery could be sustained, the Wauquiez boatyards stood a good chance to take back their position in the luxury boats hierarchy for the greatest pleasure of the most demanding clientele.

Despite all their efforts to give back the Wauquiez boatyards specific organisation and the necessary dynamics to climb back towards the high-end market, the Verdoso group was forced to go into liquidation in October 2010.

A race against time then starts to try and avoid commercial court.

It is within this context that Charles Henri and his uncles Philippe and Christian Wauquiez step in, in a desire to ensure the lifelong company’s sustainability, and despite having no financial interest in the business.  They get in touch with the Experton Révollier group, who warmly welcomed the initiative, and after lengthy discussions, decided to give it a go.

We would like to offer our most sincere thanks to those who rallied in favour of the Wauquiez boatyard rescue, to all its employees, who fought hard, to Tilbor Sillinger for his precious support, Alain Coroller, the Wauquiez family and the administrators who believed in the Wauquiez boatyard’s future.

The future

The project is based on long term investment and support principles dear to the group.  A strategy aiming to stimulate activity is being implemented and investments are being made to consolidate what has already been achieved – quality, attention to details, customer care – before undertaking new developments.

Production is maintained on the historic site of Neuville en Ferrain, near Lille, in order to preserve a competence and a know-how unique in the shipbuilding industry.  These have been recognised and appreciated for nearly half a century by the owners of the 2500 Wauquiez yachts sailing in France and around the world.

The Experton-Revollier group, who started 5 years ago a strategic diversification in water sports, marked with the Wauquiez boatyards acquisition an important step in its growth strategy.

The Wauquiez boatyards

The Wauquiez boatyards, founded in 1965, are specialised in the manufacture and distribution of high end yachts.  Designers of great ranges of yachts that have marked history of international luxury yachting (with the legendary Centurions, Gladiators, Pretoriens, Pilot Saloon…), the Wauquiez boatyards create 39’ to 65’ fast offshore cruisers, based on strong and original concepts, “for those who sail”.

The northern boatyard is particularly renowned for the marine quality of its yachts, the carpentry and the perfection of finishings.

The Experton-Revollier group

Family-owned industrial group established in 1810, Experton-Revollier is the first French independent steel processor with over 2000 employees across 70 sites and an annual turnover of 450m Euros.

The group is present in all sectors of the construction industry, automobile, railways, hand tools and leisure yachting.

Pierre Antoine Experton co-gérant                                      Renaud Fontanilles co-gérant



« Wauquiez Forever » a pour but de rassembler tous ceux qui souhaitent la pérénité de la marque pour des raisons diverses, sportives, affectives, ou, pour les propriétaires de voiliers Wauquiez, par souci du maintien de la valeur de leur capital, ou encore pour les amateurs éclairés, au même titre que l’on soutient les marques prestigieuses d’automobiles anciennes.

Objet de l’Association

Wauquiez Forever, a pour but de créer une dynamique en réunissant le plus grand nombre de membres actifs autour de la marque de bateaux Wauquiez.

A cet effet, l’association pourra notamment mettre en œuvre les moyens suivants :

Ces actions seront menées en étroite collaboration avec les actionnaires actuels.

L’Association veillera également à l’avenir, et dans la mesure de ses moyens, à la pérenité de la marque et au maintien de l’esprit haut de gamme quels que soient les actionnaires futurs.

Nous espérons, que vous aurez à cœur de soutenir nos efforts en devenant membres de l’Association « Wauquiez Forever ». Nous restons à votre disposition pour répondre à toutes vos questions, et vous prions de croire, chers amis, sympathisants ou parents à l’expression de nos sentiments les meilleurs.

Charles-Henri Wauquiez                                        Philippe Wauquiez

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