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“It seems that we should not over look the weather …
Yes, but once in stock, we sometimes say otherwise. “


To better prepare your navigations, we selected the sites that seem most interesting.

If a “Wauquiez” is designed “for those who sail”, it remains that caution is and that no one is immune to a gale.

Recall that the “big time” is not a matter of strength on the Beaufort scale, but a personal capacity. Some may begin to take pleasure in force 6 so that others may see their limit.

Wauquiez Forever recommends that you never go to sea without a weather report.

Our selection at a glance

Météo Consult

Another Weather Service

+ Wide offer adapted to all needs and budgets
- The site is paying 90%

Météo France

The French model

+ Coverage
- Deadline for restricted forecast (24h) in free


Appreciated by specialists

+ Access cards Grib viewer free PC and Mac
- Maps and land rather unintuitive presentation

Weather on line

A favorite among travelers

+ Great for chairs (Atlantic Road tab)
- Wide geographical mesh free


An excellent free

+ Definition of option cards “animation”
- Usability of the home page


A coastal reference

+ Easy to read and prices paid service
- WRF forecast the day before and pay cards

Et aussi ...

Francis Fustier This page explains perfectly what a Grib file, and how to view or download. This site is also a wealth of invaluable information on embedded computing in general.

Globalmarine    Site very convenient to download a viewer Grib and Grib files free. The request Grib mail works perfectly.

Météo marine    Portal allow you to access various weather sources, ideal to confront.

Météo ciel    This site run by amateurs offers dozens of cards from several different models, presented with a very effective system of scrolling.

Prédict Wind   New Zealand Website remarkably designed, including a very clear presentation of free and paid offers.


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