Polar speed diagram

The polar diagram of speed you seem barbaric ?

But it can help you to answer two questions:

- What is the best way to get back in as soon as possible by headwind (or turn the buoy racing ) ? because if I squeeze the wind, I slow down , and if I shoot to go faster , I increase the distance . The problem arises in the same way downwind .

- My boat is set correctly , my hull is it clean, I ‘ll make my crossing 8, or 10 days?

Polar reads as follows :

The vertical axis of the boat .

Rays express different possible directions of the true wind and this reporter , measured 5 ° 5 °.

Concentric circles give the speed (area) to node.

In this diagram we have two curves corresponding to two sets of sails ( jib and spinnaker ) and wind speed .

In conclusion : I’ll wind through a wind of 13 Kn , my speed is 4 Kn , he ‘ll have to rule my boat better than that if I want to get to the anchorage before nightfall . Maybe he will have me do my fairing has not been checked since last summer .

For the polars , they can ask its manufacturer , otherwise we can build oneself within each force real wind ( to calculate if your wind does not give ) and each set of the sail surface speed observed. Some facilities connected to a computer with the right software to automatically calculate .

To exploit the full potential of your boat, it is important to know in his fleece. It is not always easy.

We are at your disposal different polar patterns. We are missing a lot so do not hesitate to send them to us so that we put them online . Everyone will be able to enjoy. Unfortunately , polar gear began to appear with the arrival of the first computers in the 80s . They will be very difficult to get those centurions of 70 to 90. However, if the owners performance module with the ” maxsea ” software, they can make is their polar . We would be very grateful we send to share .

You can download , print and laminate them so why not have them at hand during your navigation .

For polar Centurion 32, just click here

A big thank you to Mr Jeremy Ceyzeriat to share with us the polar of the Centurion …

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