By Sophie Chacoux, adventurous the open sea …

April the 14th 2010

A few days ago, I received a hello Sophie I met the 2003 Boat Show. Sophie was now the proud owner of a Amphora for 5 years and spoke of his boat with great enthusiasm. It was based in the Canary Islands then we were lost.

Since then, I think Sophie has more miles on the clock with the Amphora as all of us. Party to discover the world for 12 years solo on his boat, it summarizes us with wonder his last 12 years. I leave you to read the short story in our conversation by email. Sophie is present on the forum. You can send him messages, but it does not give the waypoints!


” Yes, yes that’s right we met at the show , it was one of the last time I returned to France for that matter!

I lived in the Canary Islands at the time and I lived with my Wauquiez only for 5 years.

It was to test …….

I équipais the … he moaned all the time because my handcuffs the abused … I missed a little feeling of approach …

I did not know much about him !

Since a lot of water has gone under the keel … 0 ))) … and I know he is happy because happiness is transmitted .

Alas wrinkles and gray hair gradually arrived but curiously my Wauquiez Love does not seem to be overtaken by time.

I’m jealous ! Not fair.

So to return to the show , yes, we are well crossed .

Now I’m down , down , there were waves , lots of waves … gales many gales , sunburn also … joys, sorrows, difficulties …

But in the last 12 years that we share between us that has only been bursts of large and small happiness !

Today my arrival in Southern country , I ‘m not sure I want to continue the ocean.

In the waters of the Great South is not easy. Both are accused still a little tired … although always happens to hide it!

So he and I are concerted us.

It was agreed to curl up in the arms of a small Rio Grand Rio de la Plata, Uruguay side .

It’s beautiful … beautiful breathtaking and we form a royal peace.

We live a happy retirement finally …

From time to time we have defeated the Rio Grand .

We do not like , we are always beaten .

End of the month , for example , crosses over to go to Buenos Aires , get a little dry for three or four weeks , a facelift , peeling, paint, change valves, windows … a small general check-up which , with treatment Fitness deserved .

… and later, in June , on re- cross again …

… and will overwinter very australement speaking into the arms of the little river that awaits us in Uruguay.

Our waypoints they guarded very closely to avoid the barbaric invasion and pollution plaguing the rest of the planet seems .

In our river we receive Internet … but the media , radio, LATV and all … one wonders if it still exists … 0 ))) …

That you know all the adventures of Enomis and his stew … you following the story of this couple Wauquiez at least atypical … but Happy!

Marine friendships of us ”

Sophie S / Y Enomis

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